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Thread: Web OS is a joke!!

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    Web OS is a joke!!

    Palm pixi sucks. So does every phone that has web OS in them. Its a dying OS

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    Aren't you a bit late for this comment? Do you have any opinions on the Electric Typewriter? Don't you hate when the ribbon gets tangled?

    BTW, I have an HP TouchPad and my daughter has a Palm Pixi. I like WebOS. It's not perfect but highly usable. The major drawback is that it is a Dead OS, so App development is virtually non-existent. But if you're looking at WebOS in 2012, you should know that already and not expect anything else. For use as an email and web browser device, it's great. There are some nice games on it, and I do like the ability to swipe away apps that I'm not using.

    I just recently loaded Android ICS on the TouchPad and it has its quirks mainly due to the Cyanogenmod build that is not 100% working yet. But I do miss elements of WebOS.

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