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Thread: Straight Talk and iPhone 4 - VPN vs. APN question

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    Straight Talk and iPhone 4 - VPN vs. APN question

    OK, so I bought a used ATT iPhone 4 for my wife and she is now using it with Straight Talk. But we could never figure out how to enter the APN Settings since only VPN shows up, not APN. We did finally download the and entered 'att.mnvo' for APN. So it now works. But I'm wondering if there is a way to ever get the VPN settings properly installed. Or should we rest content with this trick?

    We traveled to St. Louis, Chicago, and NYC recently and it seemed that sometimes the 3G service was spotty. Also, in my own home in Houston I sometimes don't even get voice. Would I see a better signal if I were to do it the "proper" way, assuming there is one? Isn't there a way to get VPN set up like it would be for regular ATT service?

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    here is a little info about vpn on straight talk -

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