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Thread: Walmart Replacement Plan

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    Walmart Replacement Plan

    When I just bought my Exhibit II at Walmart, there was a replacement plan available for $39.99 for 18 months coverage - one time replacement if any damage happens to the phone. The guy in the department did not know much about it. It can be purchased within 30 days of the phone purchase date, so I passed it up to find out more about it. Has anyone taken this coverage? Can anyone share how it works - and what happens if there is no Samsung Exhibit II around for sale in the 18 months?

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    I haven't tried a Walmart warranty yet but it doesn't sound like a good idea if they don't even know the details.

    I opted for a Squaretrade warranty on my Galaxy S III. They have 30% off codes on Tuesdays so it was a good deal. They have different tiers of coverage (one is up to $199 in coverage which would be what you'd want) but I'm not sure how much it costs. You should check it out.

    I usually pass on these types of warranties but phones are getting pretty expensive these days!

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    Walmart is going to offer warranties on everything they even tried to offer me a warranty on a online video game which you know is completely useless after you use the key.

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    I saw they had a booklet with all the details spelled at my local Wally World, ask for it and check it out. Sam's club, which is affiliated to Wal-Mart, uses SquareTrade, so maybe it will be a discounted SquareTrade plan with some tweaks. I didn't get a booklet so I'm speaking from memory.

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