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Thread: MUCH difficulty converting Pantech Breeze II P2000 to Straight Talk

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    MUCH difficulty converting Pantech Breeze II P2000 to Straight Talk

    Hi there folks,

    I'm having some real head-scratcher problems trying to convert an AT&T Pantech Breeze II P2000 that I bought used off of eBay to use as a Straight Talk phone. I'm going to detail what I've gone through to "try" to get things working just so any enterprising helpful folks who may read this can eliminate some options.

    I thought (hoped) it would be as easy as swapping the AT&T SIM with the ST SIM. Nope. The phone simply gets hung up on a screen saying SIM Checking. At that point, I thought, "Oh, I guess I need to unlock my phone." I called around and spoke with some local phone resellers and they agreed.

    I found an unlock code online from gsmphonesource based on my IMEI, put the AT&T SIM back in, and tried to enter *#865625# which, according to some instructions, would then prompt me for the unlock code. Nope; it didn't do anything even when I pressed Send after typing it.

    The unlock code provider said that I would need to try putting a non-Straight Talk (T-Mobile, etc) SIM in the phone so that it would then prompt me for the unlock code. I found an old Nextel SIM and when I restarted, there was the screen to enter a PIN Code and offering 3 chances. I put in the unlock code and was instantly down to two chances.

    E-mailed the lock code provider who said the phone was asking for a password to unlock the phone. I looked up the Pantech Breeze II manual which said the default lock password was 1234. Typed that in, and I was down to one chance. I did more research, and found that the Breeze allows setting up a PIN Code (to apparently lock the SIM?). The screen I see asks for a PIN Code. I reeeealy want to put in 1111 because at at&t's wireless dot att dot com business support tutorials website it basically says to enter 1111. I really doubt the old owner of the phone did anything to change the default.

    I'm new to the forum and unfortunately can't post a photo of the PIN Code screen. It is a screen with a SIM icon with a little lock next to it, then underneath saying "PIN Code" with a box to type the code. Underneath that box it says "Trials: 1"

    So, I don't want to waste my last chance.
    1) My understanding is that the PIN code is to lock a SIM, but I see the PIN Code screen only when I put in a different SIM; does that mean that it's a PIN Code for the Nextel SIM and won't necessarily be 1111? (I pictured that the phone would only know the AT&T PIN when the AT&T SIM is in the phone.)
    2) Should I chance it and enter the 1111 PIN?
    3) If that works, should I expect to see a window asking specifically for an unlock code?
    4) If I do see that window and it does unlock the phone, should I expect that I could then put in my Straight Talk SIM and then have a working phone, or would it still say "SIM Checking........"

    Any help at all would be appreciated. Just trying to save some money with a cheap cell plan for some calls and infrequent texts and I don't want to have to back to Verizon.

    Cheers, and thanks!
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