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Thread: Samsung Stive (A687) APN settings

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    Samsung Stive (A687) APN settings

    I have a samsung strive and I need to change the APN settings to the ones provided by straight talk but the stive does not have all the fields required and I can't get it to work. My phone is unlocked and by going to menu>settings>connectivity>Network Profiles, I get to the APN settings and I can create a new profile with the following fields: 1)set name, 2)access name, 3)auth type, 4)user id, 5)password, 6)protocol, 7)home url, 8)proxy address, 9)linger time. There are a few advanced settings, including: 1)static IP>local phone IP, 2)static DNS>server 1 and server 2, and 3)traffic class. Does anyone know what I need to put into these fields to enable internet access?

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    Ok. Try this. Features phones sometimes call APN entries different things. Set name would be "Straight Talk". Access name would be "att.mvno" and leave auth type, user id, password, protocol, home url blank. Also proxy address and linger time blank. That sounds like it would get internet working, but I don't see anything for MMS settings so I don't think MMS would work unless those settings are in the Messaging app's settings possibly. I remember my old feature phone, its MMS settings were in its Message app and and data settings were in the web browsers settings. It was very confusing.
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