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Thread: Verizon and Droid Bionic Novice. NEED HELP understand clear IMEIs.

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    Verizon and Droid Bionic Novice. NEED HELP understand clear IMEIs.

    Hi all!

    I need some help. I am totally a novice when it comes to Droid phones and other 4G phones. I am happy with my Blackberry torch on the ATT network, but recently I have come in to some great phones for resell. I resell consumer electronics for a living, but have never sold phones) Anyway.. I have come across some great phones. The ATT ones I could test because I have the right SIM card, but I have two beautiful Droid Bionic phones that are in MINT condition from Verizon and I have no way of telling if they have clean IMEIs or not.

    I checked them on that Check Free ESN website, but one day it didn't pull anything up and then the next day it said it had a BAD ESN. So, I decided to look on the Verizon website and it said to Contact Customer support. I called Verizon and read them the numbers. They said there was no account attached to the numbers and everything looked fine on their end. Since a Verizon rep said they are ok, does it mean I can sell them? Please help. I have been looking for answers for days and don't know what to do.

    Thank you so much in advance for all your help!

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    Yep, if Verizon clears the ESN numbers you are good to go. I don't trust websites they can steal the info from you and lock the phones before you know it, always call Official Verizon Support for this issue.
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