I just bought an extended battery....4200 mah....off amazon. Problem is, there are not alot of cases out that will fit the phone with the bigger battery.

I checked ebay. Amazon. The only thing I found was on Seidio's website...its a holster that fits the phone with that big battery on it.

Are there any good, reputable accessory sites that you use that you can suggest? There are so many, I can't tell who is fake..ripoffs...and who is real.

Usually I use a leather pouch that I can slide right on my belt...or the rim of my pants if not wearing a belt. I suppose I could look at holsters and more protective items and get away from pouches. I'm just a creature of habit. Talking on the phone out of the pouch...then dropping it..can dent it! (have done this already). So I would be open to looking at protection that stays on the phone instead of the pouch that stays on your belt.