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Thread: Atrix2 Won't Power On

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    Atrix2 Won't Power On

    Just bought this phone - with the understanding that it would "freeze-up" once in awhile. SO I thought - a simple "hard-reset" would take care of it. Was told that it NEVER got wet - cosmetically it is in VERY nice shape so abuse is not obvious.

    I get it in the mail - and it won't power up.

    1. Swapped battery with another Atrix2 - nothing
    2. Tried another charger - nothing
    3. Tried the Vol +/- plus Power - hard reset - nothing
    4. Plugged in with battery out - then reset the battery - nothing
    5. Plugged into computer - with and without battery - LED light finally appeared. Pushed power - light went out

    LED light did NOT come at any other time.

    Any ideas?

    My luck just continues as I was having problems with my Idream G20 in another forum and this is the replacement phone that I got. I will eventually be using NET10 sim card program with this phone.


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    WELL, I finally just contacted Motorola C/S live chat. Found out that the phone was still under warranty. They have e-mailed me a FedEx shipping label and are taking it in for Repair or Replacement. Either way FREE of charge!

    Lucked out on this one!

    Thanks for all the replies (lol)...

    Consider this thread CLOSED.


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