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Thread: Unable to receive text messages on LG 800G (Net10)

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    Unable to receive text messages on LG 800G (Net10)

    I am unable to receive any text messages other than from myself on my LG 800g. I can send them to anybody, but I don't receive them even from other Net10 users. I contacted Net10 through their website and after trying a couple obvious things like resetting the SIM card and deleting my message cache, they said they need to send me a new phone. I read about a problem with texting on an old older version of this phone (V10d), but my phone is the newer V10e.

    So, is there really a reason why I would need to replace the phone? I get the feeling they are just out of ideas and just want to try something. Is there anything else i can try without the hassle of getting a replacement phone? The phone works fine otherwise, I just can't receive a text from anybody. If it matters, I transferred the # from Verizon/Alltel. My LG800G is the T-mobile version. Thanks.

    model number LG800GHL
    S/W Version: V10e
    H/W Version: Rev1.0

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    I had a Net10 LG 800g with V10d programing. It's keyboard became increasingly dysfunctional. I do not recall anyone with the same complaint. The predominate complaint with that software was "self repeated texting" and I saw none of it. They replaced my defective phone with a brand new LG 800g, sw=v10e. My keyboard is fabulous now. They sent the product out by federal express so the wait is a few days.

    I would get it replaced. Defects aren't unusual for electronics. It reasonable to expect 10% error rate no matter the product you purchase (source for 10%: Consumer Reports). It when it goes over that, that when I personally get concern. Give it a shot. You already put you're money into it. It's their obligation to provide you with a working phone.
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