I flashed a Droid 1 to cricket long ago using this guide. Now, I would like to get this phone back to Verizon for a bit while I'm awaiting a warranty replacement. I loaded a verizon prl and used *228 to get the latest prl and program my phone. My number is now showing and the MIN changed. I am assuming the MIN is correct as I cannot get the old one off my broken phone. If someone calls me, the call will go through. If I try to make a call, however, I will get a busy tone. I did not mess with NV items this time around as I am not concerned about data for the time being - I assume that they are still cricket. IDK if this could be an issue. I used whiterabbit's site to make the cricket NV Items. I should mention that the meid of this phone has been repaired for legitimate reasons. Am I missing something? Can receive calls but not make. Am not receiving texts. Have not tried to send a text yet. Will try in the morning.