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Thread: does SaskTel offer real-time results for wireless data usage?

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    does SaskTel offer real-time results for wireless data usage?

    I am curious as to SaskTel's ability/commitment to offer real-time results for wireless data usage (in my case, for a USB stick). Using SaskTel's online tool, it seems that results are -- for the most part -- rolled up on a 24-hour basis, ex post. Is that true?

    Telus, when using the "data usage" links on one's online account, seems to offer this. Further, I can access these results from anywhere via the account web page. With SaskTel, I have to be "with the device" (i.e. on-site).

    So, it makes me wonder how sophisticated data-usage-tracking capabilities are with SaskTel; and it prompts me to think more deeply about SaskTel's ability for "smart" management of its network. More on that in another post.

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    It's not real time. But, it's exact.

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