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Thread: Can you put a contract SIM into a prepaid phone (Pantech p8000)

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    Can you put a contract SIM into a prepaid phone (Pantech p8000)

    My dog ate (yep, that's what I said!) my son's phone and we are still under contract. I don't have a data plan for him, only texting, and the only phone I could find with a slide out keyboard and a touch screen is the Pantech Laser that he had but it's a lot of $. I found a Pantech P8000 on ebay, but realized it's a pre-paid one.

    I also found lots of information about getting a code to "unlock" the phone.

    If I unlock the phone, does that mean we can put his SIM card in it and just use it under our current plan?


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    You can if you do not activate the GoPhone SIM card accompanying the telephone. When you activate the SIM card in the GoPhone kit, the telephone and SIM card are locked to each other for up to six months. In fact, on the GoPhone website, they discuss using a GoPhone telephone as a replacement telephone on a contract plan, adhering to the caveat above.

    Since you did not purchase the telephone as part of a Gophone package, it is just another GSM telephone as far as AT&T is concerned. I presume that the contract plan is on AT&T. If so, no unlocking is required.
    Earl F. Parrish

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