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Thread: 2012 Data Review

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    2012 Data Review

    With advertisements touting the benefits of LTE and “4G” speed, the introduction of shared data plans, and the continued growth of smartphone ownership, the 2012 mobile landscape is clearly focused on data performance. Halfway through the year, RootMetrics had visited 75 markets,i tested coverage across nearly 100,000 miles within those cities, and performed almost 500,000 drive and indoor data tests using off-the-shelf smartphones to cut through the marketing hype and show what consumers truly experience. Our checkup on the health of the carriers’ data networks shows Verizon still firmly entrenched at the top of the data performance list, regional carrier Cricket trailing the pack, and some rather surprising results for the remaining carriers as new battles emerge.
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    - VDubb

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    Very cool post! I'm actually kind of suprised at T-Mobile..

    "Data reliability

    We rounded out our look at data performance by comparing each carrier’s average data failure rate. With extremely low failure rates hovering at or below 3.0%, AT&T and Verizon separated themselves from the pack and offered the fewest disruptions during our data tests. Their rates were clearly much better than the other carriers. It’s a two-horse race when considering data failures. If reliability of data service is the most important concern for you, AT&T and Verizon could be worth a close look."

    Sprint ranked 2nd in data reliabilty.!.

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    If you consider the green slice on Sprint's pie belonging to the Wimax areas and remove it, since Wimax is dying, dead, DOA, etc, they are on par with Metro and Cricket. That's just terrible honestly since they are considered one of the 'big' 4.

    Tmobile, which is next on that chart, is what, approx 3x as fast? Double on the upload?

    The fact NOTHING shows up for Sprint on the over 15mbps is also bad for their future. Tmobile, which is a company supposedly run out of spectrum, managed to break that and keep pace with Ma Bell.

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