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Thread: Samsung G3 no longer gets GPS fix ... "After updated???"

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    Samsung G3 no longer gets GPS fix ... "After updated???"

    well my phone was great last week not not so much... i did the KIES upgrade and it fixed the LTE tower problem..I think
    but today i went to use seek droid and it would not locate my phone .. (worked great in the past)
    the i tried wheres my droid.. still nothing

    the i tried using GPS essentials and it pulls up 20 satellites says 19 are used in fix BUT NO FIX is given
    the only thing new was that update..... even on Face book it wont show location on post and in photos no GPS tag

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    Reboot the phone.

    I updated and notice zero changes in GPS performance. Works great like it usually does. Could be you lost data connection right when it was trying to download the GPS ephemeris data.

    Some GPS test apps allow you to delete the AGPS hints file but a reboot usually does the trick in those rare cases.
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    i did a factory reset.. it seemed to help a bit but it now takes a lot longer then before..
    using navigation i would have it set and b the time i got in my car it would be working.. now im driving down the street around the corner in the known direction and about 5 min later it would start the navigation directions....

    i did use GPS test and cleared the AGPS just now so i will see what happens

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