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Thread: Samsung Galaxy Precedent SCH-M828C Service Issues

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    Samsung Galaxy Precedent SCH-M828C Service Issues


    I apologize in advance for an ignorant question.

    We have Straight Talk phone service. My husband recently went, without my knowledge, and purchased a Samsung Galaxy Precedent SCH-M828C, believing it ran off of Verizon towers. It runs off of Sprint towers. He is a farmer, and they work in the country, and gets ZERO coverage! On top of this, the phone was purchased from an individual he barely knew who will not answer or return his phone calls.

    I called Straight Talk and they advised me that I had to upgrade to the most recent version of the Galaxy in order to have Verizon coverage. It was not possible to convert our phone to Verizon.

    Is this correct? Are we stuck with Sprint service?

    Thank You.


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    you can buy the samsung galaxy proclaim and have your number/remaining service transfered
    from the Samsung Galaxy Precedent to the samsung galaxy proclaim.

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    They are indeed correct. The 2 Android phones that run on Verizon's network are the Samsung Proclaim and the LG Zip. Both cost $180
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    Thank you! =)

    Off to Walmart to become $180 poorer then.

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