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Thread: Flash Sprint Treo 755 to Page Plus

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    Question Flash Sprint Treo 755 to Page Plus

    I bought a Sprint Treo by accident, aiming at a Verizon one which would have been no challenge at all.

    I have a Pixi Plus as my current P+ phone, all paid up and functioning, but I hate WebOs and I have had 'real' Palms off and on since I got my brother's Pilot as a hand-me-down, soooo...

    I have a coreDuo Mac running Snow Leopard and I have the disks that came with the Treo, so I have their version of the Palm Desktop and the other goodies.

    What can anyone tell me about flashing it myself? The seller's info shows up in the Phone info, so I can see the ESN, the PRL Rev and various other numbers, but I don't know which ones are the important ones without guidance. Any help anyone would be willing to give me will be greatly appreciated, since I'm baffled as to how to proceed.


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    You need to pay somebody to at least get a remote flash done. Check out these guys:

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