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You've seen it on your phone? I'm on the I-5 and 126 every workday. I didn't *notice* LTE anywhere along the I-5 on Wednesday (last time I worked up there), but I wasn't particularly focused on looking for it yet. I figured someone else in this thread would report before I ever noticed it.

AT&T's coverage maps only show LTE up the 5 as far as halfway between the 5/14 split and Calgrove (which is about where my testing a few weeks ago showed it ending), and Santa Clarita hasn't made the "expanded coverage to" press releases yet.

Sensorly doesn't seem to differentiate between HSPA and LTE on their web maps, neither does OpenSignal for that matter, though I know the OpenSignal app on Android differentiates between the two. OpenSignal seems to have much better maps, except for Sprint coverage.

I run the OpenSignal widget on all my devices all the time; I'll be sure to keep an eye on it Monday while commuting through SCV.
1. This just turned on this past week just before the 4th of July.
2. AT&T's coverage maps do not show it, or many other updates.
3. I have LTE at my house, and from Weldon Canyon (top of I-5 / CA-14) to CA-126. I haven't driven past there to check any other out.
4. Sensorly's '4G' is only mapping LTE - on its map. 3G is technically HSPA/HPSA+ on their maps.
5. Los Angeles market expansion made last weeks press release.
6. Others have also noticed it.

They haven't covered every site yet, so if you were streaming on HSPA+, your service might stay on that for a while.

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