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Thread: Is this true?? Re: page plus, iphone 4s, and the ESN IMEI # starting with 9900

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    Is this true?? Re: page plus, iphone 4s, and the ESN IMEI # starting with 9900

    I was about to buy an iphone 4s to use on page plus. I did a "chat" with page plus to make sure that the ESN was clean. I gave them the number IMEI 99000... and they told me that they were not able to activate any phone that started with 9900 because it is a 4g phone. Well, it's not - it's a 3g phone.... Is there any way to make this work? Should I instead be verifiying with Verizon that the # is clean and then call page plus and somehow not give the IMEI # to page plus? Or will page plus need that # at some point when activating?

    Oh, not sure if it matters any, but I would be getting a new phone # from page plus - not porting one over.

    Thanks for your help!

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    Since you're getting a new number use the Page Plus website to activate your phone. Alternatively, you can use a dealer to activate the 4S. What has been conveyed to you is not true.

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    Yep, activate online or thru a dealer. Page official policy is to not activate or support iPhone on their network.

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