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Thread: Just bought an N9!

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    Just bought an N9!

    I have always been intrigued with the Maemo product line & even though I decided not to get an N900, I now decided to buy an N9 & pit it against my Galaxy Nexus, amongst other phones. I'm pretty confident that for the time-being Android will remain my daily driver but perhaps I'll be wrong.

    For the users here who have experience with many smartphone OS particularly in daily use, do you think if you had an N9, you'll miss it should a similar device or at least OS doesn't come along any time soon? Even if you have multiple N9s & are content with its features, there is always the concern that you'll reach a roadblock regarding aged hardware & you'll have to give it up. I don't have high hopes about Open webOS if it won't be able to find its way onto phones, so if no more MeeGo devices are to be made, it's likely the near future of smartphones will be nearly completely closed-source giant-corporate owned iOS, Android, RIM BB 10, & Windows Phone (yes I know Android itself is open source but what about everything Google adds that goes along with it to make it the OS most people love?).
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    If it works for you then great. I tend to use mobile devices with dying OS (webOS, Symbian) and the things I use it for will still be useful until the device dies. I don't try to make my phone into a computer, I have a laptop for that. I do some basic things with it but I really value the built-in features more than the apps. I don't have a contract and I would never want a carrier-locked device. I hope your N9 works out well for you.

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    Jolla is about to put out a brand new device with the "Sailfish" OS, the operating system that evolved from MeeGo.

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