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Thread: is this the right place to discuss Saskatchewan-focused telco/broadband issues?

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    is this the right place to discuss Saskatchewan-focused telco/broadband issues?

    Love Howard Forums (with, or without, the "s" ). Access it for many different reasons. But now that I am actively posting, I'm wondering if I am posting in the right place for regional/multi-carrier issues??

    Granted, SaskTel is a member of an increasingly small club -- i.e. a crown corp. that is serving customers in only one province. But they are still the biggest game in town in these parts. So, I have been posting in the SaskTel (i.e. regional carrier) forum.

    But the discussion activity is fairly limited here. Would it be better to post in "Canadian Wireless Industry Discussion", with a focus on Sask. in the subject line? Are there any other forums that would work? Is there merit in advocating for "region-focused/cross-carrier" forums in HoFo? Is it frowned upon to post in multiple forums with the same subject heading?

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    I think that this is the best place to have Sasktel related discussions. If we can attract more people to contribute here it would result in a more vibrant discussion. I am thinking that if you see a Sasktel related discussion lets point them here. That way people who have Sasktel related issues can come here for help.

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