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Thread: Call Forward/Call Control GSM dial codes

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    Call Forward/Call Control GSM dial codes

    Some excellent info posted by pjw:

    Quote Originally Posted by pjw918 View Post

    On any model of phone you can set call forwarding and adjust the number of rings using standard GSM network codes.

    To adjust the number of rings before call forward, no answer:

    [then press send]

    Set "seconds" for a value from 5 to 30, one ring = 5 sec, put the number you want to forward to in place of "fwdnumber".

    Example: for a Toronto user to have the phone ring 6 times before going to their Mobilicity voicemail:


    To check the status of your call forwarding (how much detail is shown depends on the phone model):


    To deactivate call forwarding:


    If you have voicemail, calls will then go to your voicemail after the default number of rings.


    Here's one a few users will be interested in, that will disable voicemail.
    To deactivate all forwarding including the network voicemail, and set the ring time:


    The phone will ring for the specified time, the caller hears 3 quick beeps, and the call then disconnects.
    [151 is a simply a non-functional number, unassigned on any public telephone network]

    To get your voicemail back, just do ##61#
    None of your voicemail settings will have been changed.


    To complete the above conditional forwarding network codes -

    For unconditional forwarding, substitute the code 21 for the 61 above.

    Example: to immediately forward all calls without ringing your phone, to the Toronto voicemail number:


    Note that there is no ring time setting.

    This would be handy as a 'do not disturb' setting, or if you do not want the network forwarding any calls to your cell while roaming (set it before you leave the home network).

    To check the status of unconditional forwarding, do *#21#
    To deactivate unconditional forwarding, do ##21#

    When you deactivate unconditional forwarding, any prior conditional forwarding will resume.
    It's prudent to check status after a change.


    For convenient and error-proof usage, you could add any of the above to your contacts.
    eg. Name: DND On, Phone Number: **21*16477070109#
    similarly: DND Off, VM On, VM Off, UCF Status, etc.


    Mobilicity voicemail numbers:

    Toronto: 647-707-0109
    Vancouver: 778-708-0109
    Edmonton: 587-708-0109
    Ottawa: 613-709-0109
    Calgary: 587-718-0109

    Voicemail deposit number for Wind: 647-700-1778 (PYW: 647-700-1779)

    For use in call forwarding dial strings, use the "1" prefix and remove the dashes.


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    forwarding to 151 doesn't seem to work... it just loops the caller back around eventually and my phone starts ringing again.
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    I just tested it again, and it works for me.

    What dial string did you use? Did you confirm the new CF status with *#61#?
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