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Thread: Tracfone Samsung S380C Tutorial and 123 page manual now posted

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    Tracfone Samsung S380C Tutorial and 123 page manual now posted

    Tracfone S380C + 123 page manual appears on Tracfone tutorials page

    The tutorial for the Tracfone S380C plus link to the 123 page manual has been posted to the Tracfone tutorials page. Definitely no wifi.

    The Net10 tutorial was posted several days ago.

    Maybe the phone will be available for sale in 4 - 6 weeks?

    Here is the link for Tracfone

    And once again here is the link for Net10
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    MMS receive tutorial, 20.8k message cost 1.0 + 0.33
    0.33/20.8K = 0.01586 units/KB
    Figure a little overhead, so the same 1.5units/100KB ( 20.8/100 * 1.5 = 0.312 units)

    The purchase graphics demo pays 29.85 minutes for a 10,334 byte image (10.09kB).
    The data charges when exiting the browser are 2.25 minutes.

    So, there is definitely a trend with all the phones I can think of since the S390G charging the same way and the same rate.
    ill no change in the TOS or price chart on the web site though.

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