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Thread: Bell Share Plans

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    Question Bell Share Plans

    So it's been a while since I've been on HoFo, but I'm the community can help out!

    I resigned my contract in March to get the GNex (was going to make the switch from iPhone, but I just found Android to be AWFUL).
    Now, Bell used to have the ability to pay $20 a month, make your plan a 'shared' plan and then you could run off with a new phone if you were willing to pay the extra $20.
    I'm currently looking to do something similar to get myself an iPhone 5, and then give my dad or mom the other line on my account.

    Does this option still exist? If so, is it only available on in-market plans or on retention offers too?

    Thanks for the help!
    I swap phones cause I can!

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    The $20 plan no longer exists.
    If you have users that want to share minutes, they will have to contribute minutes. All Bell plans that are currently offered come in "share versions". As long as you keep the plan type groupings the same (consumer w/ consumer or small biz w/ small biz), you will have shared airtime, member to member LD (in most cases), and even shared data too if all the users contribute shared data options.

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