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Thread: Are there any prepaid data plans with long expiration date and cheap rates?

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    Are there any prepaid data plans with long expiration date and cheap rates?

    I'm looking for a cheap prepaid data only plan for light usage. I'm thinking something along the line of FreedomPop Hotspot device, but I don't live in a WiMax area so I am looking for a nationwide network plan.

    The plan should have
    1) Cheap data rate of less than $0.10/MB
    2) Preferably no expiration date, I'm ok with long expiration dates but no monthly plans

    According to my googling efforts, the only option I could find was Walmart's Internet on the Go for that goes for $45 for 4.5GB which is an awesome 1 cent per MB!!! They have no expiration date too. The downside is that they use Sprint network which is realistically something like 500kbps/250kbps for up/down speed.

    Is there a similar option for MVNOs that uses the T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon network?

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    Hmmm sounds pretty sweet Cept I'm seeing 1GB for $45...

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    For Data I currently use Platinumtel (Sprint MVNO) @ $0.10/MB.. but after I deplete my balance, I am seriously considering Walmart internet on the go, where the highest rate you'll pay os $0.02/MB, with no expiration (well, as long as the provider exists, and used once per year)

    •Go Big (use whenever)
    ◦$10 - 500MB
    ◦$25 - 1.5GB
    ◦$45 - 4GB
    •Go Bigger (30-day plan)
    ◦$10 - 1GB
    ◦$25 - 3GB
    ◦$45 - 8GB

    There is a thread about "Ultra",based on T-mobile, which claims it will have $0.049/MB on a paygo plan, but it is not up yet... so we'll see..

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