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Thread: Running List of Sprint MVNOs

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    Evolving running update of Sprint MVNOs


    "MVNO", or Mobile Virtual Network Operator, is a carrier that purchases wholesale access to larger national network owners and resells under their own name. This is done sometimes selling their own branded phones and or existing phones from other carriers.

    Recently, Sprint's wholesale program has gone through some aggressive changes resulting in a wave of new MVNOs operating on the Sprint network.


    Most offer native Sprint network coverage only, while some do offer extended roaming coverage onto Verizon(Sprint's U.S. roaming partner).


    Local State and Federal taxes/fees vary specifically by State, some MVNOs include these Federal and State taxes/fees in their advertised pricing while others do not. Here are the official local State rates which range from 2% - 18%:

    Online Refills

    Often times taxes can be avoided and further money saved by refilling/paying your monthly amount due via an online discount re-seller. There are various re-sellers usually offering some type of discount program such as reward points or coupon codes. Aside from offering a refill PIN Code, some offer 'Real Time Refill' (RTR) which automatically directly credits your wireless account. Check the forum for discussion threads on discount re-sellers.

    911 calls and coverage

    Also of note regarding 911 calls, per FCC regulations/mandates:
    The FCC’s basic 911 rules require wireless service providers to transmit all 911 calls to a PSAP, regardless of whether the caller subscribes to the provider’s service or not.

    The following is a list of Sprint MVNOs offering service

    Optional 'BYOSD' - "Bring Your Own Sprint device"

    Ting (extended roaming coverage available) (4G LTE Coverage)



    Prepayd Wireless

    ChitChat Mobile

    peeps mobile

    Exclusive Devices to Carrier

    Republic Wireless (extended roaming coverage available)

    Flash Wireless

    Credo Mobile (4G LTE avail. ?)

    RingPlus (4G LTE avail. ?)

    Voyager Mobile (4G LTE avail. ?)

    Votel Mobile

    Kroger iwireless

    TotalCall Mobile

    Liberty Wireless

    ReadyMobile PCS


    Trumpet Mobile

    Airlink Mobile

    Movida Cellular

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