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Thread: Samsung s5260 AT&T MMS (picture message) settings

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    Question Samsung s5260 AT&T MMS (picture message) settings

    Here are my settings right now that do not work:
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    Hello friends, I have driven myself crazy, I have had this phone for over 4 months now and I have no idea why it is not able to receive picture messages. It is an unlocked European phone, it supports ATT 2g network. Regardless with correct settings this phone should be able to send and receive pictures.
    Here are my options:
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    Access name:
    Auth type: drop down menu allows to choose between PAP, CHAP or NONE
    USER ID: can only be entered if pap or chap are chosen
    Password: same as above
    Protocol: can choose between HTTP, WAP and none.
    Home URL:
    Proxy Address:
    Linger time:

    Advanced Settings>
    Static IP: check/uncheck
    Local phone IP: only if above is checked
    Static DNS: check/uncheck
    Server 1 and 2: only if above checked
    Traffic class:choose between Subscribed, Conversation, Streaming, Interactive, Background.

    I am begging for help. Thank you in advance.
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    BUMP* still can't get it to work

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