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Thread: What does the Signal Bars icon mean?

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    Question What does the Signal Bars icon mean?

    On the top left of the cell phone screen, there is the signal bars and after that, it usually show an E or 3G icon....

    Please someone explain what it stand for and mean?
    Also the 3G icon sometimes turn solid red and sometimes turn solid blue? What does that mean?

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    The number of bars tells you how strong a voice signal your phone has in the location you are in. The more bars the better the signal. The E or the 3G shows what type of data signal you are receiving. The change in colors tells you if data is being received or being sent out from the phone. This is pretty standard for all cell phones and carriers.

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    Re: What does the Signal Bars icon mean?

    E is slower data, 3G is faster. And the colors just signify whether it's uploading or downloading data.

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