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Thread: From 1-10 How hard is RAZR glass replacement?

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    From 1-10 How hard is RAZR glass replacement?

    I have no other option now other than replacing the glass on this razr xt912

    Ive done two glass replacements on two relatively easy phones...

    one fail,one pass...

    It it a nightmare on this?

    If so ,any suggestions on inexpensive exterior glass replacement?

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    Nope...its not that hard........the hardest part is "PATIENCE"

    Believe me, DO NOT RUSH ANYTHING.

    You only need a pry tool (2), T3, T4, and T5.

    AND, when the time comes to take the MB out, you will see why I say PATIENCE.

    Everything else is a breeze....

    Search youtube, there is one step by step that will walk you with the process.

    Good luck.

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