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Thread: Walmart T-Mobile (Family Mobile) Lifeline for low income $35/mo Unlimited everything?

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    Walmart T-Mobile (Family Mobile) Lifeline for low income $35/mo Unlimited everything?


    I'm a grad student with low income ($15k/yr) they approved me then told me buy a $25 family mobile at mobile then port my number to get the discount so end up with $35/mo unlimited talk/text/web

    Sound to good to be true? Well actually after you do all that and submit them your number, they tell you to go sign up with instead!

    Which means a different sim card than family mobile... So i did that, had to buy a new Tmobile sim card activation kit and internally..ported a 2nd time to Tmobile from Family mobile.....

    Only to find out from Customer Service theres a glitch on their site that prevents anymore customers from actually getting the discount. They won't fix it and they no longer have a phone number to even talk with someone...

    What's the better business bureau website or address local to their operation? I dont know what state Family Mobile Lifeline program is in since they swear they're only located 'online'

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    data is throttled down with family mobile anyway. not worth the fuss.

    you get 250mb @ 1mbps "3g", then you're throttled down further to "2g" speeds
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