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Thread: About Droid X Factory Reset

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    About Droid X Factory Reset

    Hey everyone. I posted this in the wrong thread before, but I'm still wondering if anyone can answer my question:

    I recently wiped and sold a Droid X on eBay after upgrading to a RAZR MAXX HD - that is I THINK I wiped it, but I'm the kind of person who always wonders if I locked my car even after I locked it. I remember seeing the 'Touch to start' message when turning on the phone before selling it.

    My question is: does this message ONLY appear after you wipe the Droid X to factory settings, or can that appear because I activated a new phone and the Droid X was deactivated?

    Please help! I'm about 90% sure that I wiped the phone, but I honestly don't remember because this all happened right after the massive hurricane that hit the Eastern US, and there was a lot going on back then. I'd appreciate it if anyone could give me peace of mind with this.


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    If you saw the initial setup screen at boot up with the Android, then you completed the factory reset/wipe and you are fine.

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