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Thread: Help me with P07D hardreset

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    Help me with P07D hardreset

    Hi guys. I got a panasonic P07D stuck at login google login screen for wrong patten unlock many times. Now i want to reset to factory default, but when i go to recovery mode, choose wipe then it's show me "enter password" like in NEC N04C or N06C. I use 4 digits from IMEI like NEC phones for my P07D but can't help.
    Any idea?
    P/S: Sorry for my bad English.

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    Default code is 0000. But if the code is changed or you don't know the code. Start guessing. Maybe if you get lucky you don't have to guess past 4 digits.

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    i don't think recovery mode of panasonic's phones can be change. i think password for recovery mode rarely is 0000.
    Thanks reply.

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