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Thread: Alltel Southern Illinois GSM Data gone?

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    Alltel Southern Illinois GSM Data gone?

    Bear with me on this, it is convoluted.

    I am a straighttalk subscriber (AT&T MVNO, GSM) and live in Southern Illinois. Up until about 2 months ago, I could roam onto the GSM network around here (Richland, Lawrence, Edwards, Wayne counties, etc.) and have EDGE data service. Now, I still have voice, but data is missing. Doesn't even show up on the phone (no E symbol). Through some other research in these fora I know that it is the GSM network that Alltel owns but is a roamer-only network. My main question is, is this a temporary situation, or is data gone for the foreseeable future on this network?

    Any insight is welcome because the carriers certainly haven't given me any.


    Don Roberts

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    Maybe this is a better topic for the Straight Talk forum, but the GSM situation in those counties is very, very sad. There was a while where AT&T didn't even have roaming on ATNI. This is why I wish ATNI would have been mandated to go GSM, or that area was sold to AT&T.

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