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Thread: NEW iDEN BLACKBERRY 9620!!!

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    Finally a new Iden BlackBerry!!!! Now, will Telus pick it up to replace the 4 year old 8350i??? I am sure RIM has ended production of the 8350i with the new 9620. If Telus wants to keep a Blackberry in the MiKE lineup, they may have no choice but to carry the new 9620.

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    This phone is not IDEN !!!!!!!!!

    HSPA 2100 MHZ - 1900 MHZ AND AWS !

    This is a qchat system on 3g hspa ... to remplace iden ...

    if you really want an iden phone :

    A friend have buy one unlocked last week and i have test ... The sound is incredible ... Signal is excellent ( better than all iden i can remember ... love to test at my walmart )

    but this phone is incredible for one things ;p Dual SIM ! the others sim have Quad Band GSM ! and 3G 1900 MHZ - 2100 MHZ ! I don't have test this ... but i want ... i just see this after test the phone on iden !

    This a great transition for nextel latam ! the best of two world
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