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Thread: Straight Talk Home Phone taxes and fees

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    Straight Talk Home Phone taxes and fees

    Anyone had a months service with the $15/month plan to see what taxes and fees are being collected.

    Looking at my $45/month wireless plan I only pay local taxes and a couple of small fees

    E911 Fee. $0.00
    Federal Universal Service$0.68
    Regulatory Cost Recovery$0.09

    So I am assuming that the fees will be the same with sales taxes around $1 but want to be sure before switching from Vonage

    I looked at Ooma but their estimator for fees seem higher than I am expecting

    Regulatory Compliance Fee $1.78
    911 Service Fee $1.59
    Federal Universal Service Charge $0.39
    State and local taxes, fees and surcharges. $0.60

    Any feedback from anyone?

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    i currently am buying the service card at walmart with just sales tax. if you look in walmart check where the regular phones are to find the home service cards

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    My local Walmart doesn't carry the ST home phone service cards, and I don't see them on, so I had to refill on the ST home phone website. They charged a small 2% fee, but no sales tax. A $15 service card cost me $15.32 (for a CA phone number).

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