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Thread: Problem Purchasing Petro Canada SIM card online

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    Problem Purchasing Petro Canada SIM card online

    Dear All

    Petro Canada is running a promotion of $5 Sim card. I tried to purchase a sim online today but stuck at payment page. At page where I enter Credit Card Information, there are 3 fills that I don't know. They are "Street Number", "Street Name" and "ZIP/Postal Code". I made purchase online so many times, All they asked are Credit Card Holder, Credit Card Number, Expire Date and Security Code. Never see those 3 fills require. I try to ignore them but they must be filled. Why they are so important?

    Additional problem, When checkout they add additional $2.50 make as Shopping. Do you know why?

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    Hmmm... pretty standard for address when using credit card online. How and where would it get shipped to you without that info. As well they need to make money for the cost of shipping item to you so thast why $2.50 charge, but as well when you receive card there is a $2.50 credit on it.

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