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Thread: No MMS on Lumia 710 with no Data Plan

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    No MMS on Lumia 710 with no Data Plan

    Hello guys

    I was recently given a T-mobile Lumia 710. I have a contract plan with no data and unlimited texting, and just about everything works (including wi-fi), with the exception of MMS. I can't send or receive them. When I receive them, I get a text with a link that goes to nowhere. When I attempt to send them, I get an error message.

    Is there a way to fix this? I've been browsing all over and it seems that it is possible by changing the APN settings. Anybody know how to do this on the Lumia 710?


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    Almost two years and a thousand views, and no one has answered this? What the heck..............It's because MMS USES DATA! SMS uses your voice frequency and coding. MMS needs data, OTA or wifi.

    Logical, huh?

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