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Thread: Misinformed reps telling conflicting info - NOT OK!!!

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    Misinformed reps telling conflicting info - NOT OK!!!

    Just have to rant, but I was with Verizon for around 13 or 14 years always a great and loyal customer. Last year I started taking notice that my bill kept increasing and wanted to see about getting onto a cheaper plan. I called, they changed my plan. The bill kept going up for one reason or another.. prorated this and fee that... I asked about a cheaper plan and found it wouldn't be wise since I would always have overages. I did this three or four times over the last six months to a year and finally decided I would get a second phone to test the other carriers that offered a comparable plan for cheaper. (I did this because I didn't want to lose unlimited data in case I wanted to stay). I talked to the phone reps (three different times) about how porting a number to another carrier works. All three times I got the same answer, none of which included your having to pay for your full month even if you port on the 5th day of your cycle. So three reps saying the same thing I ported to another carrier. I called Verizon shortly after the port was initiated and my number was being used on the other carrier to find out what my final bill would be and was told to hold off on paying it then because I would be seeing credits to it once the port was finzlied and processed through billing. Today I found out different. All the previous people were apparently hiding something, mis-informed or not properly trained on porting and billing. I have to pay for the full month and can't stand that Verizon doesn't care about customer service anymore.. that was one huge factor that kept me paying higher prices but if there is no outstanding customer service what is the appeal?? None in my opinion! Glad to leave!

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    Re: Misinformed reps telling conflicting info - NOT OK!!!

    I sympathize but you have to look at your bill once in a while as you said it started going up in 2011!!!

    I didn't do that with my bill and got overcharged $30/mo for six months for data line I thought was canceled. The best I could get was two months credit and that took three calls.

    Register online with whoever you use. That's the easiest way to keep up. Don't use auto-pay if your bill varies much. I do understand that taxes, fees etc can increase uncontrollably but that is minimal. If you don't manage your account, you'll have problems everywhere. Perhaps prepaid would be easier, cheaper, less hassle. I'm still considering it myself.

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    Misinformed reps telling conflicting info - NOT OK!!!

    When you port a number, the final bill is not prorated.

    You are correct that the Verizon reps should have told you that.

    Next time you make a big change, I recommend you ask around this forum because chances are someone has already done what you're about to do and can share their experience.

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