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Thread: iPhone 5 MMS and Net10 Service

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    iPhone 5 MMS and Net10 Service

    I just added a Net10 sim card to an unlocked iPhone 5 tonight. I activated everything with Net10.

    I opened safari and went to Net10's website which has an option "DATA/APN Settings" then selected "AT&T DATA SETTINGS" and then selected "IPHONE" -- this opened up an APN Profile Installer. I clicked install. It installs immediately. I then restarted my phone.

    I turned off wireless to check that I had cellular data.
    1. I browsed to CNN in safari. Worked.
    2. I sent a text. Worked as iMessage.
    3. I sent a picture. Does not work.

    The workarounds seem to be:

    1. "Sim Swap" method shown here: search YouTube for "iPhone 5 MMS Picture Messaging H2O | NET10 | Red Pocket | "

    2. Other options listed in this wiki: search this forum for Straight_Talk_iPhone wiki

    3. This tool is also available from Apple to set APN settings. search google for iPhone Configurator Utility 3.5

    sorry I can't post links as a new user.


    As an aside, it would be cool if GoogleVoice has MMS service.

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