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Thread: LG L9 Wired Stereo Headphones with Music Controls

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    LG L9 Wired Stereo Headphones with Music Controls

    Hi I currently use my nokia e5 to play music, and it has tactical buttons, which are great for changing tracks. I was looking to get the galaxy player 5.0 to read ebooks and listen to music, it comes with headphones with music controls. I don't necessarily need something with a phone in it. After looking at the specs of the player 5.0 I realized for 50 dollars more, I can buy the LG L9 that has far superior specs to the galaxy player.

    I've read that apple has the patent on wired music controls and this is why you don't see them on android devices. This is an important feature for me, since I like keeping the device in my pocket. With the nokia e5 it can be in my pocket or in my hand and without looking at it I can change tracks. I don't want to use bluetooth because it will significantly affect battery life and I'll have to remember to enable and disable it. Any other phone with a large screen that is affordable would also be fine with me; I only started looking at phones once I realized how dated the galaxy player's specs are. I'm looking at something with the largest screen possible for ebooks, but something that can fit in my pocket. The galaxy note would be great if it didn't cost 400 dollars without a subsidy.
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