Hey -

Quick question - I am primarly a Verizon customer (have 8 lines with them). However, I have a Samsung S2 from AT&T that is just collecting dust, as AT&T couldn't provide service, and being a corporate account I got to keep the phone and their version of a network extender, which went a whole 10 feet before dropping signal.

Personally, I loved this phone (when it worked). Even more so than the iPhone 5 I have as my main line on VZW and my Motorola Razr Maxx (back-up line with VZW).

I'd like to use this Samsung S2 on T-Mobile for my back-up vs. the Razr Maxx.

Few Q's:

1. I read that the new system and SIM's from T-mobile use IMS vs the old UMA for calls over the internet (btw, I have to use VZW's network extender - Malibu is not the best place for cell coverage). Plus, having a 2nd phone that is GSM pretty much covers everything. I also read that the latest software for the S2 supports IMS.

Btw, my backup phone is just that - I hardly use it, unless needed... with VZW I have unlimited everything. So the question is:

a) will IMS/Internet calling work with this previously AT&T Samsung S2 on T-mobile? if yes....

b) I'll likely go pre-paid on it, assuming it allows internet/any router/ calling are there limitations? way I see it now, I'm paying $10 on the account it's on for an add-a-line with VZW and $30 for the data package ~$40/mo

Like to get that down for a phone I really never need/use unless I have to. So what is the most cost effective pre-paid for t-mobile to get this phone online and be able to make VoIP calls and be able to check email via my router not their 4G network -- basically what internet calling is.

Hopefully that makes sense. Like the phone, but if the switch is a wash or cost more than the $40 I'm paying for the back-up Razr Maxx... may as well stick with VZW and sell the S2, but I'd like to use it. Great form factor and faster than most phones. iPhone 5 is my main line at the moment and as noted has unlimited everything (grandfathered in on the data plan, so not on any tiers).

Anyhow, was thinking 1) I always liked the phone, but AT&T was piss poor coverage wise and their extender didn't work well 2) if I could save a few bucks and have a GSM phone to compliment the CDMA for a backup.. why not.

So in summary:
1. will the AT&T SII be able to make internet calls via any router, as they as a carrier are setup.
2. can one of the cheaper (even the pre-paid by the day -- it's used that little) allow me to use internet/voip calling.

If not... anyone interested in a Galaxy S2 - with less than 4 days of usage on it? lol.

thanks in advance.