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Thread: LG 840G screen won't unlock when receiving call

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    LG 840G screen won't unlock when receiving call

    When the phones just sitting there I can push the pwr/unlock button 3 times and the "Screen locked' Slide Up to Unlock comes up and works.
    However, when the "receive call" or the "battery fully charged" popup is on the screen I can't get the screen to unlock. I can eventually get to the "Screen Locked" view, but the "Slide up to Unlock" is frozen.
    I currently have the Auto screen lock set to OFF. It still locks after about a minute. The backlight is set at 30 seconds. If I push the volume button the screen lights, but is locked no matter what the Auto Screen Lock setting.

    I've done a master reset of the phone settings. No love.
    No screen protector or case.
    The "Send", "Back" and "End" keys are also locked.
    Hardware V1.0
    Software V10b

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    Today mine wouldn't unlock when I wasn't receiving a call. Just wanted to unlock it. I was so weird. I think I hit the power button once or twice and then it unlocked. I hope both of ours are just a glitch. Try powering down the phone. Wait and then power up again. Sometimes that fixes problems. good luck!

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