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Thread: Question about Motorola Startac 7868

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    Question Question about Motorola Startac 7868

    hey all,

    I'm looking to set the record straight on the Motorola StarTAC 7868. I've done a tremendous amount of searching around, and it seems that I can still use this phone with PagePlus. However, my problem is that it seems as if there are two different versions of the 7868 -- the aforementioned model and the 7868W

    I seem to be getting conflicting information from everywhere, some places only list the W model, while others just say 7868. it seems as if the 7868 is a dualmode - dualband phone while the W is trimode - dual band. is this correct? what would be the difference between trimode and dualmode if it's still dual band? I know they both seem to have AMPS built in, could that make a difference? (i know the amps network is down, but I come from GSM land.)

    also, if there is a difference between the 7868 and 7868W, where might I be able to purchase one at a fair price. ebay seems to have a short supply of them at the moment.


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    Owning several of these, I can confirm the 7868W is dual band (800 and 1900 MHz) and tri-mode (CDMA 800 Mhz, CDMA 1900 MHz and AMPS 800 MHz). These were Bell, Telus, Verizon and Alltel phones. I've never come across a 7868 without the W suffix.

    It's my understanding that CDMA operators such as PagePlus, who is now essentially the Verizon + Alltel CDMA network, will activate phones like this. I'm not aware of any analog operators left so the AMPS 800 mode would only serve hobbyists if so technically inclined and irreverent of radio frequency regulations.

    If not the entire StarTAC series, the 7868W as culmination of it has been called the greatest phone of all time at least undisputedly for its time and can thus see why it would be of interest to nostolgic collectors. But why would there currently be a market for it as an everyday workhorse such as on PagePlus?

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