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Thread: Tracfone sync with Outlook

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    Tracfone sync with Outlook

    I would like to sync my LG800g Tracfone with Outlook calendar. Does anyone know how to go that?

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    Did You Try This?

    The following maybe a workaround for you.
    Have you tried sending your schedules via Bluetooth?

    Tap the calendar icon.
    Tap the box with the horizontal line
    Scroll down to settings
    Tap Settings
    Under settings you have
    1. Send schedules via Bluetooth
    2. Back up Schedules
    3. etc.

    My Bluetooth is not available at the moment so I can not confirm how well calendar information from the phone integrates into Outlook. Please let me know how things went for you. I didn't think about this option until you raised the question. It's been nice (when it was working) to Bluetooth my memos to my computer. They would go into Outlook's Note section. I could also Bluetooth stuff back to my LG 800g. I hadn't thought about the calendar.
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