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Thread: Besides the Obvious how to change peoples mind from buying an IPHONE vs Android

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    Quote Originally Posted by VZWINDIRECTGUY View Post
    The reason why your associates are telling people these horrible things about iPhones is because before Verizon carried the iPhone you trained all of your reps to say that.
    I've never trained anyone to do that. For me, it's about building the relationship with the customer. I'd rather them have what they want and be happier than to make a bit extra and have them resent the phone later. It's about the long term revenue, not the instant gratification. Yeah, you won't make as much, but in my experience iPhone customers buy a ton more accessories because there is just more available. You can make up the margin without sacrificing customer service, which is, in my opinion, always the best path.

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    Problem with this thread is, phone employees make that fatal flaw of picking sides.

    1st Question we ask if a customer ask us if they should buy an Android or Iphone is

    "Are you currently a Verizon customer?"

    If the Answer is Yes, and customer seems to lean towards it, then yes Iphone and try to hammer the accessories and warrenty.
    If not then Android, New line on most Android is much more profitable then an upgrade on iphone.

    Your perfer phone is an always should be whatever phone you have in stock and makes you the most money.

    Iphone is about a year old now, its very easy to sell against it.

    Small screen
    Slow processor
    only 1 gig of Ram
    only 8mp on Camera

    If this does not come natural to you as breathing then your issue is not talking people into an Android or Iphone,
    Your issue is talking people into anything at all.

    Its just as easy to sell an Iphone then it is to sell against it.

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    I've found that the key is to have store demos set up to be able to show off the power of Android. If you just leave them the way they come with all the bloatware and useless widgets, people will be doubtfull. I have all of our androids set up the way I'd set up my own. That way I can show off the usefulness of having home screens, widgets, and show that Android is actually a very friendly system. I always say "It can take a couple of weeks to become thoroughly familiar with Android and set it up, but once you do, it will become YOUR phone, whereas the iPhone tries to please everybody and partially fails at that for that very reason". Also, it is important to assure the customer that they can always come back for assistance, and crucial to set up their homescreens before they leave and go over the functions. Works for me. And if it doesn't, sell insurance and accessories.

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