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Thread: Turn off Koodo voice mail Urgent Please Help

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    Turn off Koodo voice mail Urgent Please Help

    Hi desperately need to turn off voice mail as have calls diverted from shaw land line to simultaneous ring on 3 mobiles, but if one turned off or out of range calls going to voice mail must be a way for Koodo to turn off?
    Otherwise no choice other then going back to Bell as worked on them.
    Yue line for business but take upto 200 incoming calls a day

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    Re: Turn off Koodo voice mail Urgent Please Help

    I checked my Call Forwarding settings, and found that Koodo (nor Bell) do not let you disable call forward unreachable.

    Only other workaround I see is to change the number of rings before voicemail, so that your main-line will handle voicemail. Downside is... if your Koodo phone is off/out of coverage, it will answer first.

    Look up **61 gsm code for details. Example syntax (untested) is
    **61*1<vm number, ex: 6135814001>*11*30#
    which will change to ring 30 seconds

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    If you call into customer service (*611 from your Koodo phone) they can disable it for you

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