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Thread: 4G phones dropping data even in 3G areas... Official word from Verizon?

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    4G phones dropping data even in 3G areas... Official word from Verizon?

    I carry two Verizon data capable phones in my pocket at almost all times, One BlackBerry Bold 9650, provided by my employer and a personal phone.

    I used to have a Droid Bionic.
    After exchanging it FIVE times with Verizon within the warranty period, I was offered a Razr M.
    I'm now having the same problem with the Razr M.

    My problem is that I will lose data connectivity.
    I'm in Washington D.C. I've had this problem happen right on I-395 near the Pentagon, Shirlington, and Alexandria ,VA. This is hardly a fringe area...

    On the Status/Notification bar up top, it shows the Signal strength "bars" and the signal type... 4G LTE, 3G EVDO, or 1X RTT... Occasionally in a bad area, it'll show nothing but bars (In white) indicating voice only operation or a Red symbol indicating no service/emergency only calling.

    As I understand it, if the icon and bars are blue, data is working. If they're white, data has failed and you are only allowed voice.

    Below the signal type (if available), there are up and down arrows that blink when data is being transmitted or received.

    Frequently, I'll pull out the phone and it'll show 4G or 3G and it'll be white.
    Arrows will not be blinking.
    Sometimes, I'll see No bars and the Red "No Service" symbol and won't even be able to make a voice call.

    Occasionally forcing 3G mode (Setting it for CDMA only on the Bionic. Using *#*#4636#*#* to switch mode for the Razr M) will restore data connectivity.

    Occasionally, putting the phone in Airplane mode and taking it back out of Airplane mode will cause it to reaffiliate with the tower, restoring data connectivity.

    Occasionally, a reboot will work.

    Sometimes NOTHING will work.

    I will check the connectivity on the BlackBerry. Most all of the times, the BlackBerry has good data.
    Usually my wife is with me and has her Droid Razr MAXX. It also has good connectivity.

    I'm seeing these problems across the board with Verizon users that are running 4G LTE phones.
    Galaxy Nexus:

    I've had 5 Bionics and my Razr M... It's not phone specific, like a bad radio.
    It appears to be on multiple vendors of phone, so it's not brand specific.
    I've got good signal on the BlackBerry, so it's not a network issue per se.

    Apparently this is network wide:

    Verizon still says it's on my end, blaming a corrupt file or Virus on my SD card or potentially saved in my Google Mail account that's affiliated with the phone...

    Has anyone had any recourse, restitution, or anything from Verizon?

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    Re: 4G phones dropping data even in 3G areas... Official word from Verizon?

    I guess most people have experienced this (its not been a major problem for me).

    The article was very good. Thanks. It's the best explanation I've seen yet it's old and I haven't heard people talk about that. I'm guessing the major problems occurred before I got my phone (the time of the article) and the problems have diminished since then.

    For a very long time I kept LTE turned off since I had none. I don't know if turning it off still uses the SIM for authentication.
    You may want to download LTE On/Off and see if it helps.

    Btw, blue means connected to Google, white means not. This is evident on gingerbread but not ice cream sandwich. You still have data on white icon, arrows

    You may also wish to check your sim card.

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