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Thread: anyone with experience with taobao agents?

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    Hello ,we recommend you taobao agent timtao ,they provide excellent service and fast shipping , free free to contact them if you have any questions

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    Taobao agent help you buy from China taobao in English ,Timtao is your taobao broker for USD UK CA and AU.

    Skype: cinli.bell
    QQ: 2935125592
    E-mail: [email protected]
    [email protected]

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    I can be your taobao agent
    I am living in guangzhou, We have been doing souring agent many years and very happy to service to our customers
    Fluency in Mandarin and Cantonese
    Thorough knowledge of the Chinese business culture,
    I hope can find more clients to work on business together
    pls free feel to contact me from my skype : moodyboy001

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    Quote Originally Posted by silentstare View Post

    1. Don't rely on them to tell you which seller is the best or credible selling authentic phones. They will tell you they are not expert on phones. They can ask the sellers if it is authentic though or where they got it from.
    When buying something, what we look for is nothing but the low price and high quality.

    For low price, my suggestion is: Abandon Taobao and Choose Alibaba.
    Then, how to find quality products on Alibaba? Just follow these steps below:

    1. Go to 1688 dot com (sorry, i am not allowed to post normal link), and search the item you’re going to buy.
    2. On the top of your search result page, check the “实力商家” checkbox to narrow the Alibaba sellers. The “实力商家” means the merchants with strength. A “实力商家” at Alibaba must pay an annual fee of 28,000 RMB / $4068– 58,000RMB / $8426 and put up at least 500,000RMB / $72644 in capital. A small, low-quality seller is typically unwilling to do this investment.
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    3. Check the “深度验厂” checkbox to further narrow the sellers. The merchants at Alibaba that are marked “深度验厂” must have their own factories and the factories have been audited by Alibaba.
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    After the two steps of filtering above, your probability of selecting a quality product at Alibaba will be higher than 80%.

    Conclude: Low Price + High Quality = Alibaba + 实力商家 + 深度验厂

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    Exclamation Proficient Taobao specialist that are situated in Guangzhou and by Shenzhen.

    By the experience, have a decent answer for the delivery to numerous nations and dependably attempt our best to keep away from and diminish the customs assessment for customers.

    More acquainted with China and manage Chinese people, is treat so we are the simple entryway for you to work with China.
    Cons treated to our client genuinely and sincerely. The cost and charge for our administration are obvious, had hidden expense and no cheat happen.

    Proficient Taobao specialist that are situated in Guangzhou and by Shenzhen and Hongkong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by obie11 View Post
    I would strongly advice do not buy phone from taoboa. My ex gf(shes chinese) went back and helps me get cheap clothes

    I even help my friends get clothes from there and ask them for little cuts.

    The problem with using agents is that, they are expensive( reason is becus of the charges they incur on paypal)

    If you want to just buy like one or two clothes, I can help (just give me little cut you just send me mail to kenjunior3 on google mail

    I would have to skype youu doe. If youre using agent, i advice you be a big seller. like ebay power seller kinda thing lol.

    Well power to people ttrying to make money
    They have written some paragraphs on their facebook ID for avoiding this kind of dishonesty.

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