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Thread: Lg 840G and Youtube problems?

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    Lg 840G and Youtube problems?

    I've tried with Opera Mini and always get the following error messages:

    'You need to upgrade your Adobe Flash Player to watch this video. Download it from Adobe.' (Opera Mini)


    'You need a browser with Adobe Flash Player or HTML5 support to watch this video.'

    Is this just an Opera issue? I can watch them on the pre-installed browser, but it shrinks it down quite a bit and makes some videos hard to see.

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    Yes, it's an Opera Mini problem, no flash or HTML5 streaming. In some cases it will pass the URL to the default handler (ie. the built in browser) but Google has messed with the site a bunch in the last 6 months and it may not work correctly. (search for opera mini HTML5 and you'll see lots of complaints with various reasons)

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