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Thread: Helpp ! Flashing iphone 4s??

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    Helpp ! Flashing iphone 4s??

    Hi everyone, so i have an account on MetroPCS. I Pay $45 a month and I have a disconnected iPhone 4S for SPRINT carrier. I really want to flash it to MetroPCS, does anybody know how? Or point me in the right direction? Please do not refer me to another carrier. Thank you

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    MetroPCs Flash policy effective December 31, 2012: phones from other carriers will no longer be flashed!
    Starting January 1, 2013 customers are expected to view current phones available for purchase on Metro's website ( The Metro Samsung SIII ($499) is comparable and better than the iphone. Also consider the LG Motion from Metro for a lower cost that performs up to levels of both phones for $100 up front purchase , -$50 in Store discount, +$50 on rebate card makes the final cost $49 plus tax. Good luck!

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