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    iPhone 4S [SPRINT] To Metro PCS ??

    I have a COOLPAD QUATTRO 4G from metropcs, which is now active. I also have an iPhone 4s from SPRINT. [disconnected] can i use the meid/esn on my cool pad quattro 4g on the iPhone 4s? [cloning] or switch their Meid/Esn numbers?

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    No, it's not possible and it's illegal.

    PRL Interpretations
    XFF's AlphaTag software
    Cellular and PCS License Maps
    Quote Originally Posted by gpatrick900
    I am a little confused. My Verizon phone was able to roam on GSM because they used TDMA. Tell it was shutdown. The phone recognizes it as Analog. If PCS has TDMA, It could be technically be used on GSM.
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    Y'know, I'm used to hysterical 14-year-old ******** on the internet, but this is exceptional. Never before in human history have so many nerds hyperventilated so publicly over so little.

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    0 - DFS will release new update soon with iPhone 4S support. They have it on the website. Onse it`s supported, you can flash ot for metro or cricket. You will need to swap current MEID on your account wit 4s meid.
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